About Us

About Us

Booth's ATA Martial Arts is developing life skills that help kids in school, home, socially and so MUCH More in American Fork, UT.

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About Our School

Martial arts training, especially karate as taught at Booth’s ATA Marital Arts, is a wonderful way to instill discipline and confidence in children. Not only does the program teach kids the valuable lessons of self control and the ability to defend themselves, it teaches many attributes necessary to a confident individual. Learning how to react to the world around them at an early age is a critical element for any student as he grows up.

The ATA Martial Arts schools here in the Utah County area have established programs that are especially designed for the younger mind set. Mr Booth has carefully designed these programs for younger family members – age appropriate programs that are specifically aimed at the physical development and mental capabilities of the younger kids in the family.

Meet Our Owners

Hi, we’re the Booth Brothers, Benjamin and Joshua Booth and we are the owners of Booth’s ATA Black Belt Academy in American Fork, Utah. It is our goal to create an enjoyable environment for students to improve their fitness while building confidence they can carry into their everyday lives.

We’ve taught kids martial arts classes for years and as you can imagine, we’ve seen every kind of personality you can think of in a child. Rambunctious, shy, defiant, complacent … every child is different, with special gifts to give and challenges to overcome, and we’ve seen martial arts classes help every single one of them find their inner strength, peace, and focus.

With a passion for helping community members stay safe while teaching the “art” of martial arts, our we believe that each student can obtain their goals and objectives in life. While teaching techniques that save lives with life skills that work both on and off the mat. Join us as we empower ourselves and our community with martial arts!

Booth Martial Arts owners

Why Choose Booth's ATA Martial Arts?

We Teach Life-Skills

Karate for Kids emphasizes such character development as perseverance, integrity, courtesy, self-esteem and the respect for and friendship of others that develops naturally within the group. Establishing and meeting goals in the context of a martial arts program carries over to many other activities and studies for young people. Dedication to completing an activity and meeting the goals is an important part of the programs at ATA Black Belt Academy.

Located Conveniently

Booth’s ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids is conveniently located in American Fork, UT just off I-15 at the corner of State Street and 500 East.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

  • They instructors there are amazing. I even got my black belt there!!! More people need to come to this place! I have learned a lot at this place. I always love coming here for classes and look forward to it after my regular school. A highly recommended Taekwondo school. ATA VICTORY!

  • Great place to train kids and adults. They promote the discipline of the body and the mind. My kids love to train and when I have time I can train with them. I can also go to the adult class too. It is the best of both worlds for me.

  • The greatest instructors with an amazing curriculum!

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